About Us

IT Solutions to Brigde Businesses with Technology

Company Profile

Easy Business Information Solutions, formed in 2015, Computer Software Engineers on a Mission to provide Indian Dairy industry an ERP solution with End to End Integration.

Designed for the Indian Dairy Industries, by industry leading consultant and inputs from many related businesses.

Designed by the Technical Team Who has Extraordinary Industry Experience in Banking Domain (9 years Experience in Fidelity, Standard Bank Of South Africa, VISA, MasterCard, Toronto Domino Bank of Canada)

Order Processing & Optimization (5 Years in Mattel & Fisher price Merger, Ford, Chrysler, GAP, Banana Republic )

SAP ERP Configuring (10 Years SAP Implementation Experience for Mitsubishi, Heineken, National Grid, Caterpillar, DYSON, Atlas copco,Analog Devices, Amey Plc, Carlsberg, SAP UK DIRECT)

Our Team

We’re justifiably proud of the team we’ve assembled. Initially numbering just four programmers, EasyBIS has grown steadily and now has over 10 members.

EasyBIS team is made up of Highly qualified, talent and innovative IT professionals each with their own area of expertise. Their experience spans the full range of custom software development from small entrepreneurial projects to complex systems for major corporations, including solutions for Fortune 500 Companies.

Our Mission

Easy BIS’s Mission is to provide a suitable software and IT Solutions in partnership with our clients

How we achieve it:

  1. Easy BIS’s Mission is to provide a suitable software and IT Solutions in partnership with our clients.
  2. EasyBIS combines technical excellence with great customer service and value for money.
  3. We value creativity and collaboration ideas are shared and everybody contributes on an individual basis of the common goal.
  4. We create new deals for each project, ensuring the best possible combination of skill and experience to meet the client’s needs and deliver high-quality solutions.

Our Solutions

  1. Ease of USE to every one in Indian Organizations (Very User Friendly). Specific to Indian Dairy Industry
  2. Faster Return on Investments – Almost Instantaneous. ROI Covered Monthly Plans.
  3. Using Almost Exact terms Used by Indian Businesses.
  4. All Data in One Screen Concept.
  5. Designed to Deliver 10 Top Employees Reporting of all TOP Business Inteligence Data – in Click of a Button.
  6. Designed for the Business by the Same Business.
  7. Continuous 360 Day Support Model.
  8. Third Party License Free Tool – No Additional Licensing Costs from Abroad Companies.
  9. The Ultimate Security – Used by World Leading banks.
  10. The Excellent User Frindliness.

Our Skills

HTML & CSS 95%
PHP Grids 95%
PHP6 100%
DB2 100%

What makes us different

Our exceptionally deep technical expertise allows us to take on projects often perceived as too complex or difficult by other developers.

We believe in working in partnership with our clients to understand their unique needs and working methods.

In our experience working together consistently results in creating intelligent solutions to meet our clients evolving business demands. This collaborative style of working has resulted in development of award-winning software.

Bridging the Gap Between Business and technology

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Us

Choose EasyBIS if you want software people who truly understand business.

1. Business Expertise

Our customers are business people. They are managers in companies, First or second-generation industrialist who wants to see the business insights in real-time; Know all aspects in one place approach. They have a requirement for custom software, but that software must fit into their business, and must meet their business goals. Most software developers have an unfortunate reputation for being a little isolated from the business world – but EasyBIS is not a normal development company. Over the years we’ve been in business, we’ve developed complete Order management for FMCG, and several complex systems for clients, launched our own SaaS cloud product (CMM). As a result, we’re very business savvy!.

2. We’re just the right size – not too big, not too small

Including the Founders, EasyBIS currently has 10 developers. We have the right amount of people to work with one company at a time and deliver 100 % Business Satisfaction with optimization and provide a continuous support platform for continual development and business support. Enabling business to adapt new standards and new analytics as and when the new insights come in. our people to be able to handle big projects, but we’re small enough to deliver a personal service. We have the resources to cope with unexpected problems – but we’re so big, so every issue is vital and must be solved at the quickest.

3. Strong Systems Team, and Database Expertise Too

Delivering a modern custom software system requires more than just development expertise – you often need to think about firewalls, databases and system security. EasyBIS has an in-house systems administration team, with full Linux and Windows expertise. We also have very strong DBA skills on IBM Db2 Enterprise Class Servers and Mainframes. Having all these skills in one team eliminates communication problems that can occur when multiple companies are involved – and gives us a wider view of possible solutions.

4. Technical Management – with Business Skills

All EasyBIS’s managers – including the Founders – are ex-developers – but also have strong communication and business skills. This rare combination of skills is at the heart of our process: it allows us to ask the right questions of customers early in the design process, which makes our proposals more accurate, and means our solutions fit customers’ needs more accurately. As our management team is highly technical, the whole company is stronger: it’s easier for us to inspire talented developers to join the company, and we’re more aware of the key technology trends so we can better advise our customers.

5. Long and Wide Technical Experience

EasyBIS has been developing custom software since 2015. We’ve delivered over 40 solutions in that time, using many hundreds of different technologies. Our experience is also wide: with 10 developers, we have a lot of experts to call on. This is important because modern software development frequently involves buying-in solutions to specific problems. Perhaps a customer needs complex reporting, or we need to support on-line purchasing, or we need to build a system that works on many different systems. Whatever the problem, it’s likely that we’ll already know a good solution. We have Experience in Delivering the Solutions and Business process Optimization solutions to Fortune 500 companies like Chrysler LLC, Mattel Fisherprice Hotwheels Inc, HP, Gateway, GAP, Ford, Carlsberg, IBM, Wipro, MasterCard, Visa, Toronto Domino bank, Standard bank of South Africa, TCW and MetWest Fund families.

6. Strong Infrastructure and Tools

Good development requires strong internal infrastructure and tools. EasyBIS has a server farm installed at our head office data centre, which we use to host internal and customer systems. All the code we write is stored in a central version control system. We have invested in many additional tools to make our lives – and the lives of customers – easier: our logging system and other custom tools make it easier for us to solve problems during deployment.

7. Deep Technical Expertise

Modern development tools have made systems development easier and faster – and new tools arrive every year. But we see a slight disadvantage: programmers are insulated from the details of how the computer systems really work. Most of the time, this does not matter – but occasionally technical problems appear that cannot be solved without digging deep into the system. In these situations, EasyBIS depth of expertise becomes invaluable.

EasyBIS deep technical skills sometimes allow us to find innovative solutions to problems that less technical developers might miss. We’re always happy to provide advice on a confidential problem, and welcome a challenge.


8. Not Just a Development Company

Unlike many software development companies, Blueberry has hands-on experience of exactly what is involved with creating a successful software-based business. In 2015, we launched EasyDairy. A Dairy ERP System. Developing this software has given us a wealth of practical experience on the problems of FMCG Sales – from search engine optimisation to localisation and the intricacies of GST handling.

9. Straightforward Customer Place Installation policy

EasyBIS has an extremely straightforward policy on installing our solutions in either cloud or on the customer premises. As the Internet in our Country is Choppy and as we rely on low speed connection for most of the time, we provide Comprehensive server management plan and delivery platform so that the continuity of business in the event of the FMCG company being operating from a remote area can also enjoy the full benefit of successful Online Implementations.

10. A Stable, Reliable Business

EasyBIS has been in business since 2015. The company has been profitable and has a continuous strong customer base with good levels of support subscription from our current clients for the business continuity. Our products Easy Dairy and Easy Coir ERP for different industries has proved to be a in time requirement for the Companies and has stood as a Major Help in Implementing GST and smoothening the operations of those Businesses.