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Easy Production and Quality Management

The Easy Production and Quality module is interlinked with Procurement module because the milk which we procure will be sent to Plant for further processing. This data is captured in production module including Quality check information. The Total Solids are matched based on Purchase, Despatch and Acknowledge. This information is used to identify the TS loss.

In production module we have recipe management which will keep track of total ingredients which is utilized as part of batch processing. Reports are maintained to keep track of total ingredients utilization.

In each level Quality Control team has to approve the test results. Once it is approved, the milk can be moved to different levels. The TS matching report is generated at the end of every production day close. This TS Report is sent via email to management as well as production department.

In the Easy Dairy ERP, we can keep track of single pouch, including leakages and flush milk. This will enable us to handle losses.

Features of Production system by Easy Dairy ERP

  • Unlimited Users
  • Supports all Equipments (SILO, PHE, Separators, Tankers Etc)
  • Bulk Arrivals
  • Bulk Arrivals QC test and Production Acceptance
  • Recipe Management
  • Milk Total Solids Management
  • Stage wise Monitoring
  • Batch Master
  • Batch tracking (Who did what on which equipment at what time)
  • Batch Tracking Advanced (IOT From Machines with all Parameter Logging)
  • Pouch packing Machine Pouch input entry (Needs Additional hardware)
  • Weight Scale Weight Sampling for Pouch Excess Control and Accuracy
  • Live Batch Results on Web Dynamic Publishing
  • and Much More ….